Resolution calling for referendum on retail package sales in Monroe back up for consideration during Tuesday’s City Council meeting

After previous failed attempts, the Monroe City Council will again vote on whether to approve a resolution calling for a referendum on retail package sales to be on the ballot. The resolution is on the agenda to be voted on at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. If approved, it will give Walton County Elections time to prepare the ballots question between now and early voting for the Nov. 5, 2024 General Election. The ballot question would be, “Shall the issuance of licenses for the package sale of distilled spirits be approved?” According to documents for Tuesday’s City Council meeting, if approved by Monroe city voters, there will be an updated ordinance prepared for subsequent adoption by the City Council.

Attempts to get it on the ballot in 2023 failed when in 2022 a vote in the City Council failed because nobody at the December 2022 City Council would propose bringing it up for a vote. An attempt by the City of Social Circle, however, was successful with the ballot initiative being approved by Social Circle voters in November last year.

The March 2024 City Council meeting will take place at at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March at City Hall located at 215 N Broad Street, Monroe. The public is invited to attend. There will be an executive session concerning legal and personnel issues before the meeting adjourns.

The full agenda follows. Click or tap on this link for more information on individual agenda items.


  1. Invocation
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Approval of Consent Agenda
    a. February 13, 2024 Council Minutes
    b. January 16, 2024 Planning Commission Minutes
    c. January 11, 2024 Downtown Development Authority Minutes
    d. January 11, 2024 Conventions and Visitors Bureau Minutes
    e. March 23, 2023 Urban Redevelopment Agency Minutes
  5. Public Presentation(s)
    a. Paige Hood Proclamation
    b. Evan Newson – Eagle Scout
    c. Walton Teen Advocacy Board Presentation
  6. Public Comment(s)
  7. City Administrator Update
  8. Assistant City Administrator Update
  9. Department Reports
    a. Monthly Central Services Report
    b. Monthly Code Report
    c. Monthly Economic Development Report
    d. Monthly Finance Report
    e. Monthly Fire Report
    f. Monthly Police Report
    g. Monthly Solid Waste Report
    h. Monthly Streets & Transportation Report
    i. Monthly Telecom Report
    j. Monthly Water, Sewer, Gas & Electric Report
  10. Department Requests
    a. Airport: Taxiway Crack / Seal Rehabilitation Bid Award
    b. Finance: Renewal – Property and Casualty Insurance
    c. Police: Weapons Upgrade
    d. Public Works: Purchase of Solid Tires
  11. New Business
    a. Application – Spirituous Liquors and Beer & Wine On-Premise Consumption –
    Stadium Lounge
    b. Final Plat – Bell Street Subdivision
    c. Project Framework Agreement – TAP Grant Project #0019856
    d. Project Framework Agreement – TAP Grant Project #0019857
    e. Approval – Preliminary Plat Moratorium Ordinance
    f. Resolution – 2023 Budget Amendment
    g. Resolution – Spot Basis Slum and Blight
    h. Resolution – Retail Package Sales Ballot Question
  12. District Items
  13. Mayoral Update
  14. Personnel Issue (s)
  15. Legal Issue (s)

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