Respiratory Symptom Testing and Treatment Clinic opening in Monroe Monday

The clinic will be at the 1025 Church on E Spring Street

Our Family Health Clinic in Monroe and Social Circle is opening a drive-up Respiratory Symptom Testing and Treatment Clinic across the road from the Monroe Clinic beginning Monday. Dr. Michelle Plaster made the announcement in a live Facebook video on Friday. She noted that it will test for several respiratory and flu-related illnesses, including COVID-19. However, it is strictly for people experiencing symptoms and only those experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will be tested for that particular virus.

In the video, Plaster noted that while Walton County may not be registering any positive cases at this time, that is not due to there being no cases but rather a backlog in the information being registered at the Georgia Department of Public Health. She said she herself has reported two positive tests from Walton County early this week to Georgia DPH and those cases will eventually be registered. Plaster said she wanted to let people outside of just Our Family Health Center patients know about the testing and treatment clinic at 1025 Church that is beginning Monday in an effort to take some of the pressure off other doctors’ offices in the county who are trying to take care of patients with other illnesses.

” I know there are some offices in Loganville and Monroe that are trying to take care of patients with high blood pressure and diabetes and they are trying to keep the offices closed and treat some patients virtually. Some were full even before COVID-19, even the hospital, so we have to maintain those people we would normally see through illnesses, car accidents, etc” Plaster said. “People can hopefully come to the clinic and get tested and we can give the ER and other doctors’ offices a little bit of room to treat other patients.”

You can see Dr. Plaster’s live video as well as the information about the Respiratory Symptom Testing and Treatment Clinic below. Please take note of the procedure to follow if you are experiencing symptoms that would require testing. Patients without symptoms or who do not make an appointment will not be seen. To set up an appointment send an email to and include the best phone number to reach you. You will then be called to set up an appointment.


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