Reunited Green Cheek Conure – Rocky the runaway teenager home at last

When Carolyn Perdue and her family found this adorable bird, I don’t think any of us knew how difficult it was going to be to reunite him even though he had a leg band with numbers.

When I made the first ad I was given his band number I thought it would be simple like a microchip for a dog or a cat to locate the owner. It couldn’t be more different than Night and day.  These band numbers are not stored in any government agency database as I found out. After contacting the department of agriculture and then DNR I realized I had a challenge on my hands.  This lost bird would lead me to making probably hundreds of phone calls trying to get myself educated on how to trace a band number on a bird.  I then by doing my research was lucky enough to find out what each set of numbers and letters meant and it led me finally to find out he was actually from a breeder in Florida originally.  Once I had this information and only took a few more days to find the correct breeder who was amazing enough to keep records. For the most part breeders Of exotics birds sell to a wholesalers in large quantities and then they sell to stores like Petco and Petsmart. In this case she was here in Atlanta for a bird show and sold directly to Nina and John Shimonsky.  Once I make contact with the breeder she forwarded my contact information to them and it was moments later when my phone rang. So I guess you can actually say I went on a wild goose chase . There’s no doubt how much they love their Rocky. Nina cried as she really had thought he could not survive the storms we had last week.   They call Rocky ” a rebellious teenager “. When he accidentally escaped as the story is told by John you can’t help but to kind of laugh now knowing that he’s home and safe.  John tells me that he flew out the door to a nearby tree and kept repeating “give me a kiss” ” give me a kiss ” .  Well tonight Rocky is getting lots of kisses.

Rocky tonight is described as cooing  in song nonstop eating and drinking he’s one happy bird!!!

They are more than ecstatic and grateful to have Rocky home. I wish to thank Carolyn and her family for allowing me to keep searching while they took care of Rocky not knowing if I was going to be able to find the owner.  

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