Reunited! Lost dog Gratis/Winder area found

After owner literally turned around after arriving in Florida their sweet baby was found by the pet sitter at 3 AM Sunday morning!!

250 REWARD***678 -857-5866

Just now having a chance to post this. On the drive down here, as we crossed the Georgia/Florida line, we got a call from the dog sitter that Lotta had got out of the house early this morning and they can’t find her. If you know anyone in the Gratis/Winder area please share these pics. She is very skittish and nervous around strangers. Green/pink cheetah print collar with pink name tag and blue rabies tag. Her name is Lotta. It’s a pretty helpless feeling being in Florida with her lost in Georgia. We almost turned around, pray that she goes back to the sitter’s house.

The sitters house is on Whitlock Lane off of Sims Road.

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