Reunited ! Lost Veteran’s treasured Service Dog in Monroe

Update: from Matt Attack

Ozzman has made it home.

I wanna thank everyone for the waves of support with my missing pupperz. He means the world to me. He’s been there during some of the most darkest moments. When he first went missing, the feeling of emptiness was almost unbearable

Thank you all for sharing my post to bring my Ozzy home.

I wanna give a special thanks to Emily Goldstein for going above and beyond by posting in many groups, creating an article on a local news page, filing a missing pet report, reaching out to the manager of animal control. The world needs more people like you. Keep doing what you are doing and reconnecting lost loved ones with their family.


Ozzy was brought into Walton County animal control earlier today where are all the staff was already very aware who is this baby belong to! Matt went over to pick him up immediately. He is currently receiving spa treatment at home with bubble bath included by his daddy. Welcome home, Ozzy!!!!!!

Matt’s dog has been by his side since he returned from Afghanistan in 2013 and is an incredibly important part of his owner’s life. Service dogs that are committed to their veteran owners bring more than just comfort to them. He is needed home. Any help would be greatly appreciated in locating his very important dog. 

He was last seen in walker dr in Monroe.

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