Reunited! Reward! Lost dog Loganville

Update 5/6/2021

Today Rachel Hook witnessed A black hatchback Mercedes pick up Jewel and then pull over to toss her out of the vehicle..He did not immediately drive off as the dog remained outside the vehicle. The male driver seemed undecided whether to put her back in , it was during that moment that Rachel realized something was not right. She approached to ask questions. As a the driver left, Rachel picked up Jewel! She then took to Facebook where she found this amazing ad that was looking for her!!!! While there is a reward posted she did not want the reward. She says that she is so thrilled to be part of something so wonderful to bring home a dog to an owner that loves her dearly!!! Our community thanks you Rachel!!!!

My sweet sweet dog Jewel got out yesterday morning off McCullers Rd. at around 11 and still is not home. She is a pit bull mix with hunting hound. She is a fawn color, has a little bit of droopy eyes and longer ears. She is a chubby thing and is the sweetest, most loving animal I have ever had. Please help me find Jewel. 4706952329

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