Rinse Bath and Body in Monroe, Ga. named a 2022 ROCK STAR by the Georgia Dept. of Economic Development

Heather Swanepoel at the new production and warehouse facility for Rinse Bath & Body Co. in Monroe, Ga. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel

The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) and the Georgia Economic Developers Association (GEDA) team up each year to recognize the “outstanding, unique and impactful small businesses” in acknowledgement of the value of the “dedication and entrepreneurial spirit of Georgia’s small businesses that keep the state’s economy strong.” In doing so it has proclaimed May 2 – 7, 2022 ‘Small Business Week’ in Georgia. Since its inception, the Georgia Small Business ROCK STARS program has received more than 2000 nominations and proclaimed 39 of those small businesses as Small Business Rock Stars. And in the six businesses honored with this title in 2022 is one of Monroe’s favorites – Rinse Bath and Body.

Owner Heather Swanepoel said they were not aware that they had been nominated by Sadie Krawczyk when she was still with the City of Monroe until they received a call from the state informing them that not only were they a nominee this year, but that they were one of the six businesses in the state that have been named 2022 ROCK STARS.

They were, however, sworn to secrecy. Brittany Young, COO from the Georgia Department of Economic Development came out to prepare the announcement and video some of the activities of the store as well as the manufacturing facility.

There will be a formal presentation by the Georgia Department of Economic Development at the store in downtown Monroe on Thursday morning.

Rinse Bath and Body in downtown Monroe. Contributed photo

The press release from the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s ROCK STAR program follows:

When her knitting hobby wasn’t working out as a full-time career, Heather Swanepoel turned to soap making.

After one class and a successful batch of soap, Heather was hooked.

She and her husband had a feeling there was more to this hobby than just the suds.

In 2003, on July 3 the couple founded Rinse Bath and Body, and haven’t looked back since! Today, you can find their main retail store in downtown Monroe and their production warehouse just a few miles down the road.

The warehouse is filled with good smells and employees hand-making each and every Rinse item. Along with product manufacturing, they also use the warehouse to pack smaller online orders as well as large wholesale orders for retailers around the country.

Their multitude of Georgia Made-certified products including soap, bath-bombs, lotion, chapstick, and more, can be found online as well as in over 950 stores and spas across all 50 states.

What started as humble beginnings of selling soap word-of-mouth and through a few farmers markets, turned into a nationwide business.

The Rinse team prides themselves in their “hand-made” and “small-batch” products to ensure quality and freshness. Even though they are now producing in large quantities, the team works hard to make each product with time and care by hand-wrapping each item.

We are proud to highlight a successful small business that strives to grow and develop nationwide, all while staying true to their core values – and remaining an active contributor in their local community’s economic development.

Press release from the Georgia Department of Economic Development

Learn more about Rinse Bath & Body, and see them receiving their award on Youtube below.

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