Rockdale County has several current job postings

Rockdale County has many current job openings. Click or tap on the relevant link for more information. Click or tap on this link for more job postings in Rockdale County.

Editor’s Note: These job postings were found on the Rockdale County career website on Oct. 22, 2017. Please note they could be removed at any time due to the positions being filled.

Administrative Clerk

Full-time Magistrate Court 2017.09.07

Animal Control Officer II

Full-time Recreation & Maintenance 2017.10.19

Animal Control Officer Ill

Full-time Recreation & Maintenance 2017.10.19.1

Aquatics Supervisor

Full-time Recreation & Maintenance 2017-5.11

Certified Detention Deputy

Full-time Sheriff’s Office 2014-045

Certified Sheriff’s Deputy

Full-time Sheriff’s Office 2014-046

Deputy Clerk I – Clerk of Courts

Full-time Clerk of Courts 2017.09.26.1

Deputy Clerk I – Clerk of Courts

Part-time Clerk of Courts 2017.09.26

Deputy Clerk II – Magistrate Court

Temporary Full-time Magistrate Court 2017.08.31.01

E-911 Operator I

Full-time Communications 2016-000

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