Sad update on Flops, Walton County Fire Rescue’s Firehouse cat

Walton County Fire Station No. 2 lost its Firehouse cat, Flops, this weekend. Capt. Jack Armstrong posted the sad news on the Walton County Fire Rescue’s Facebook page Monday morning.

“It is with a sad heart we must post the loss of “Flops” the firehouse cat. She was found by A shift on Highway 78 Sunday,” he said. “She was buried at Station No. 2.”

Photo credit: Walton County Fire Rescue Facebook page.

Station 2 had been Flops home for several years, earning the affection of the firefighters. According to the crew at the firehouse, she “pretty much had the run of the place and believed she “owned the fire trucks. She would greet them in the morning when they came on shift or when they returned from a call, but there was always a fear that Highway 78 could end up being her downfall. At one time, Capt. Jeff Allen had considered taking her home, but he was concerned that she may try and make her way back to  Station No. 2 in Between, which would have required a trip across the highway. This weekend, she took a trip across it anyway and didn’t make it.

May Flops forever rest in peace. Her beloved Station 2 will now be her home for eternity.

She was written about on Your Local News and also the subject of a feature in Walton Living Magazine in the summer of 2017. For the full story on the “Puss in Fireboots,” tap or click on this link for a feature on her in the Spring Summer Issue of Walton Living Magazine!


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