Safety tips for safe swimming in at home swimming pools this summer

press release from gwinnett county government

Having an at-home swimming pool can be convenient during the summer, but it could also increase the risk of children drowning.

Before you dive in, refresh yourself on these pool safety tips:

  • Lock all gates and doors to limit access to backyard swimming pools
  • Be sure to use a pool cover when the pool is not in use
  • All children should be supervised in the pool area
  • Separate the deep and shallow ends of the pool with a float-line
  • Be sure all rescue equipment is stored in reach
  • Post emergency numbers by the telephone
  • Cover all drains and vents to prevent entangling of the hair or body
  • Designate an adult to watch the children during gatherings
  • Teach children to swim at a young age and remind them of the dangers of swimming unsupervised

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