Saturday storms bring down trees and power lines in Walton County

Photograph shared from Walton County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

WALTON COUNTY, GA (May 25, 2024) The sun is shining now, but strong storms that moved through the county between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Saturday resulted in many trees and power lines down. Walton County Emergency Services report that there even was a report of a tornado touchdown. However, it was investigate by the Emergency Management Agency and public works and was determined to be strong wind damage and not a tornado.

There was report of one structure damage by a tree on a house, but no injuries as a result of the storm have been received at this time. Walton County Sheriff’s Office reported at 2 p.m. that Grady smith was closed at Worth Ave and would be for an extended period of time due to power lines down.

The following incidents were reported.

  1. Tree Down @ N. Sharon Church Rd and Yorkshire Ct.
  2. Power Line Down @ 1238 Hwy 81
  3. Tree Down @ Maughon Rd and Barrett Wood Road
  4. Power lines down @ Grady Smith Rd and Lakewood Park
  5. Power lines down @ W. Highland Ave and W. Spring St
  6. Power lines down @ Jack Pittman Rd and Bold Springs Rd
  7. Trees down @ Laboon Rd and Lavista Dr
  8. Trees down @ JM Brown and Laboon Rd
  9. Tree on house @ 370 Crossroads Dr
  10. Tree down @ Hester Town Rd and Old Monroe Madison
  11. Trees down @ Adcock Rd and Hester Town Rd
  12. Tree down @ 924 Elm Dr
  13. Tree down @ N Hwy 83 and Old Good Hope Rd
  14. Power line and limb debris at Loth Wages Rd
  15. Tree down @ 2653 Tom Odum Rd

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