Scam Alert: Attempt to scam Walton Living Magazine advertisers

We try to keep the public advised of attempts to scam people. In many cases, it is local government agencies, such as the police, sheriff’s office, city utilities, IRS or courts that are used as the vehicle to engineer the scams. This time it is personal as Walton Living Magazine is apparently being used to extort money on an advertising scam.

We have been advised that someone is contacting advertisers with Walton Living magazine, pretending to represent Walton Living magazine, and saying that they are working with Melanie Jackson. This scammer is offering to give them a discount on any ad they might purchase if they can pay right away.

This is a scam and there are no representatives other than Melanie Jackson or Sharon Swanepoel authorized to do this at this time for either Your Local News or Walton Living magazine. We ask that you disregard any such phone call. If you are contacted and are able to get a call back number, please send it to us as soon as possible for follow-up with the local authorities.

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