Scam Alert: WCSO warn of scam phone calls regarding jury duty

WALTON COUNTY, GA (Dec. 14, 2023) – Walton County Sheriff’s Office posted a scam alert on social media regarding phone calls claiming to be from the law enforcement office.

“The bad guys are at it again: They are calling citizens claiming that they missed jury duty and need to pay a fine. They sound very legitimate as they are using the real names of civil division deputies. They even allow a doubting citizen to speak to a deputy ‘supervisor to convince them that it’s real,” WCSO wrote, adding this is NOT TRUE. “If you get a call of this nature, please just hang up. If we needed to let you know you missed jury duty, we would do so in person.”

WCSO notes that these are really “worthless people with a very sad existence. Don’t let them scam anyone else.”

You are urged to share this information with anyone who may not have access to social media.

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