School bus camera captured Rockdale Sheriff’s Deputy crash in Monroe

The investigation into the wreck that injured a Rockdale County Sheriff’s Deputy and a store clerk on Jan. 22, 2019 is complete and the deputy has been charged with failing to maintain lane, according to Georgia State Patrol Trooper First Class James Buchanan.

“We are not sure if he fell asleep or had a medical emergency, but the whole accident was captured on video by a school bus in the area. He was going about 34 or 35 mph at the time of the crash,” Buchanan said. At the time the deputy had said he had swerved to avoid dogs in the road, but Buchanan said it was possible there were dogs higher up Spring Street, but that was not visible on the camera from the school bus. “The bus was traveling behind the deputy, but only entered Spring Street from Plaza Drive.”

Buchanan said that the vehicle was traveling west on Spring Street when it veered off the road at Taco Bell, went through the Peach state parking lot, striking bushes, a sign and a light pole before crossing Breedlove and running into the back wall of the convenience store at Sims gas station in Monroe. The store clerk was injured and went to Piedmont Walton and the deputy had to be extricated from the vehicle before being transported by ambulance to Piedmont Walton.

Buchanan said the deputy said he did not remember anything after he swerved to avoid dogs in the road.

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