Second candidate announces a challenge to Garrett for Monroe City Council District 5

By Chris Bridges - The Walton Tribune

MONROE, GA (June 24, 2023) Laura Campbell, also known as Lolli, is a mother, a grandmother, wife, friend and cancer survivor. She quickly admits to proudly loving her role in each of these areas.

What she does not consider herself, however, is a politician.

While interested in politics, Campbell has never run for elected office. However, Campbell felt the need to enter the Monroe City Council District 5 to offer quality representation for her fellow citizens.

Laura Campbell is shown with her husband, Billy Wayne Campbell. Special to the Tribune

“I am running to help the community,” said Campbell, who describes her political leanings as Libertarian. “We live in a bad world right now. It is tough for everyone. Let’s work on reducing crime. It starts from the bottom up.”

Campbell, who won a battle against breast cancer in recent years, said she is not necessarily running against anyone. Rather, she just wants to give back to the community where she lives and help make the city better.

“My philosophy is to bring kindness to politics,” she said. “I am not looking to sling mud on anyone in the race.”

A native of Mississippi, Campbell moved to Monroe two years ago but has lived in Walton County since 2006.

“We came here to offer my son a chance to have a better education,” she said. “We have fallen in love with Monroe since we have been here.”

Campbell and her husband, Billy Wayne, have been married for 28 years.

“I am a family person,” Campbell said. “Family is what holds this town together. We are one big family here.”

Campbell is set to challenge District 5 incumbent Norman Garrett. Previously, Adriane Brown, announced she was running for the seat. Garrett has been a controversial city council member and has various run-ins with local law enforcement.

“It crossed my mind when I first move to Monroe to run,” Campbell said. “I live in a lower economic part of town. I saw the need for representation in my community. My best friend died in January and I decided to honor her memory by sharing the love for community.”

Campbell said she will run a “bare bones” campaign. She looks forward to talking with citizens one-on-one and speaking at churches and to business owners.

“I am not looking for campaign donations,” she said. “Use your money on your family and your needs.”

Qualifying for the Monroe municipal elections in 2023 will be Aug. 21-25, election officials said.

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