‘Secret Santa’ pays off layaways for Monroe Walmart customers

Customers who had not yet collected and paid off their layaways at the Walmart in Monroe by yesterday got a wonderful surprise courtesy of “a customer that wishes to remain anonymous” who came in and paid off the layaways. The stranger’s act of kindness quickly got out as excited customers received notification by email that they could pick up their items as they had been paid in full. Social media soon filled up with people questioning whether the story was indeed true and with some of the beneficiaries of this “Secret Santa” confirming that they had indeed had their layaway bill taken care of.

Shannon Pounds was one of the lucky ones, but she only found out when she went to pay it off and pick up her items.

“The 10th was the last day to pay off the layaway based on what they sent me,” Pounds said. “I went in on the 10th but they were busy. I asked the layaway employee could I come back tomorrow to pay without them putting the items back. He said yes I could because they actually give you a few extra days, which I did not know.”
Had she been able to pick up her items on the 10th, Pounds would not have been one of the beneficiaries of the generous stranger who went in the following day to spread some Christmas cheer.
Shannon Pounds with Ralph, the Walmart Door Greeter, after finding out that a generous stranger had paid off her Monroe Walmart layaway on Dec. 11, 2018. Contributed photo

“I didn’t know it had been paid when I went to go get it last night. I asked what my balance was and she looked up my name and said yours has been paid off. I was confused and thought she was kidding at first,” Pounds said. “I was so excited and grateful that I caught the attention of other customers (lol.) I asked Ralph the Door greeter would he take a picture with me to share in my excitement. He graciously did so. Ralph said he was blessed by just watching people’s reactions like mine. I had several items on layaway – 3 boxes worth. He paid over $300 off on my layaway.”

Pounds said she asked who the gentleman was who paid all the layaways off and was told that it was just “an ordinary citizen.”
“In my opinion, that’s Extraordinary, not Ordinary!! I hope this man who did this knows how grateful and blessed I am. I am still excited. His generosity is contagious and I plan to pay it forward,” she said.
Walmart declined to give any more information other than to confirm that the payoff had indeed happened. They would not say who it was, how much was paid off or how many people benefitted by the kindness of the “ordinary citizen” who chose Dec. 11, 2018 to spread Christmas Cheer to some of the customers at the Walmart in Monroe.


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