Shopfunding for a Cause:  Lucky Day Rescue

By Cassandra Cushman

Lucky Day Rescue was founded because there was a need to help protect, save and take care of shelter pets. The founders wanted to save shelter pets from dying in county animal controls. They also wanted to aid in helping the public who can no longer care for their animals.

Lucky Day Rescue became just that for the pets that were taken in from animal control and homes where they weren’t wanted. These sweet pets were able to have not only a lucky day, but a bright, hopeful future. Lucky Day has become a huge resource for the pets and families that were desperately in need of love, care, and safe homes.

Lucky Day has taken on other duties as well, including promoting spay/neuter services, responsible pet ownership and encouraging people to save adoptable animals from being euthanized in county animal controls.

Today, we highlight the work that Lucky Day is doing to bring lucky days to both animals, and their families. You can join our shopfunding campaign, where a portion of what you spend will go back to these animals in need. Here are a few of the deals you can find:

Petco: 20% off dog food, and 4% will go back to help pets find new homes.

Sheplers coupon codes: 20% off orders of $100, while 2.5% helps to provide spay/neuter services.

Zazzle discounts: 30% off and 7.5% will help provide funding for the shelter’s needs.

Patagonia: 30% off and 4% goes back to Lucky Day.

About the author

Cassandra Cushman

About the author: Cassandra Cushman

Cassandra is a writer, actor and singer originally from Portland Oregon. She’s a strong advocate for education, women’s rights and environmental protection.

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