Short recovering from heart surgery

By Stephen Milligan - the Walton tribune

Walton County’s Development Authority director spent 9 days in the ICU

Shane Short has found the silver lining in undergoing heart surgery.

It’s other people.

“I’m so grateful to all the people who prayed for me or thought of me in this time, who sent cards or brought meals,” Short said. “It’s amazing how many people reached out to me and my wife. I’m grateful to live in a community that is so caring.”

It’s a nice message to bring away as he works through recovery from his marathon surgery two months ago.

Short, the executive director of the Development Authority of Walton County, discovered he had a blockage in his arteries last fall after a heart attack scare left him facing extensive heart surgery to place stints to address the problem.

Short’s surgery occurred Nov. 7 and he said it was a relatively smooth process, despite some unexpected surprises and setbacks.

“The surgery went great,” Short said. “I didn’t have any major complications, though I did spend nine days in the ICU, which was longer than we expected. The surgery also lasted longer than expected, too, because we were looking to deal with three blockages and when they went in and looked, there were more.”

Despite that unfortunate development, the doctors were able to relieve the blockages and Short is now on the road to full recovery, though it may take some time to get to 100%.

“It could take up to nine months to feel fully normal again,” Short said. “I’ve had some minor complications, fluid build-up and the like. I still get tired a little easily, and my lung capacity needs to build back up. I’m building up my strength.”

Still, Short said he feels he dodged a bullet.

“I’m a very fortunate person that nothing more major happened,” Short said. “I feel blessed.”

And although recovery is ongoing, the work of helping Walton industry grow never stops, as Short is already back in the office.

“We’ve kept things rolling,” Short said. “We’re already attracting more companies to Walton County.

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