Should Daylight Saving Time be held over until the fall of 2021?

Two Florida legislators, Republican Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, have proposed legislation that would skip the upcoming time change and hold over daylight saving time through November 2021. The bill would keep the Daylight Saving Time for a full year from Nov. 1, 2020 instead of the scheduled fall back to Standard Saving Time on the books at the moment.

Daylight Saving Time is scheduled to resume on March 14, 2021 so the change would effectively only impact the 3 1/2 months from Nov.1 until then. The bill is not supposed to be a permanent change, just a temporary one to deal with an already difficult year. It is supposed to “provide one year of stability for families who are already dealing with enough change with virtual learning, work from home, and other disruptions the COVID-19 pandemic has placed into our daily lives.”

So how do you feel about this? Should DST be extended until November 2021 or not, or should it be instituted permanently? Conversely, should the country institute Standard Time and keep it that way?

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