MPD Reports: Slew of entering autos reported at Heritage Trace, Heritage Park, Wellington Manor, Thompson Ridge Drive and Michael Circle area

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 30 – Dec. 7, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Entering Auto/Pursuit – Michael Cir. – Black Dodge Charger- contact was made with the vehicle, The vehicle was driving recklessly from Michael Etchinson onto Hwy 138 South. Emergency lights and siren was activated and the vehicle continued to drive reckless and fleeing. The chase was terminated by supervisor due to PIT certified officer unable to catch up with inititiating unit.
  • Entering Auto – Heritage Trace- two vehicles were entered at this residence. The owner of the white Ford F-150 was not on location and spoke to her via doorbell ring. The brother was on location but she could not get him to answer the phone. The victim was advised that a case was left on top of the doorbell ring and that the vehicle doors were secured and that if she needed to have anything added to report she could call and give the case number on the card and it could be added to the report.
  • Multiple entering Autos located in Heritage Park and Wellington Manor . Reports were taken and submitted on entered auto that were found not reported.
  • Entering Auto – Heritage Ridge Dr. In reference to a Chevrolet pickup truck with a front passenger window busted out, a wallet was taken out of the center console. Report taken.
  • Entering Auto – Thompson Ridge Dr- Red Camaro passenger window busted and entered. Louis Vuitton bag stolen. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Heritage Ridge Dr. – Named subject wanted to report a suspicious white SUV that has come through the neighborhood the last couple days turning off the headlights. Just suspicious. No tag number.
  • Stolen Vehicle – Amber Trail – Female subject called 911 to report her black BMW 330XI, tag # (CWH7689) was stolen sometime between 0400 and 0600. Report taken, vehicle listed as stolen on GCIC.
  • Entering Auto – Thompson Ridge Dr. – flagged down by named subject to advise that his black Jeep Renegade was entered last night and his wife’s black Tommy Hilfiger “mini-backpack” purse was stolen with all her debit/credit cards, IDs and passport.
  • Dispute – Carver Place in reference to someone hacked into the complainant’s email and changed her passwords on her social media accounts.
  • Lost Item – MPD. Female subject reported her roommates possibly taking her sons’ items, she was instructed to have the victim call about the items.
  • Criminal Trespass – N. Broad St.; Quality Inn – Named subject was criminally trespassed from Quality Inn for (2) years in reference to yelling at the front desk clerk about her deposit refund.
  • Entering Auto – Michael Circle. Edward Howard filed a report at MPD about a laptop that went missing from his unlocked vehicle last date.
  • Verbal Dispute – Masters Dr. – Civil dispute over keys between a female subject and her son. Remedies advised.
  • Entering Auto – Michael Cir. – Female subject reported her red Dodge Caravan had the front passenger side window busted out of it between 0100 and 1551 hours this date. Nothing was taken from inside the vehicle. Report taken.
  • Welfare Check – W. Spring St. – Male subject was a little too intoxicated to get off the property at Sims gas for less. He took a ride with the med unit to Piedmont Walton for medical care.
  • Dispute – Davis St – Complainant on scene advised he heard yelling and thought there was a fight occurring. Contact made with individuals at Davis St, they advised they were screaming due to their dog having just killed their cat. It was determined law enforcement was not needed on scene.
  • Dispute – S Madison – In reference to a male subject on location disputing with the clerk. The dispute had concluded, prior to the Officers arrival. The subject was intoxicated, due to drinking alcohol while on location playing the slot machines. His vehicle was on location, with no valid registration and the wrong tag displayed on the vehicle. He was given a citation for the improper tag, and refused to sign the citation. He was arrested for refusing to sign and transported to the Walton Co. Jail and turned over to the jail staff, without incident. Report taken.
  • Illegal Parking – Monroe Pavilion – In reference to a “Truck Meet-Up.” Parties were warned for loitering and advised to leave the area. All OK on location.
  • Suspicious Person – E Church St; Amici – In reference to a male subject causing a disturbance at the restaurant. The subject was located at a residence nearby. No parties wanted to press charges. The subject was turned over to a taxi and taken home.
  • Assault Report – Blaine St – Two people reported that two subject forced entry into Tanglewood Drive, then began to fight them. They had visible bodily injuries that were consistent with what they stated occurred, along with damage to a window at apt. B. Multiple warrants were applied for against the two named subjects.

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