Social Circle City Schools approves reduction in the millage rate for the upcoming tax year

From the Walton Tribune

Social Circle City Schools (SCCS) officially approved a reduction in the millage rate for the upcoming tax year. The reduced millage rate of 17.846 mills is the lowest millage rate since 2017.

This decision reflects our commitment to fiscal responsibility while maintaining the high standards of education that are of utmost importance to our community, school system officials said.

The new millage rate, approved by the Social Circle City School District’s Board of Education, represents a 4.68% decrease from the previous year. This reduction is a result of prudent financial
management, efficient allocation of resources, and the dedication of our staff and educators to deliver excellence in education.

In June, the SCCS Board of Education approved the FY24 budget of $31,122,128 allowing a 5% salary increase for all employees. Additionally, we were able to add seven new positions.

The district’s monthly employer-paid healthcare expenses increased by $635 per employee due to a change in the state of Georgia’s legislation, bringing the total to $1,580 per month for each employee who has health insurance.

While this sharp increase in costs made it more difficult to lower the millage rate, we were aware that
our citizens were experiencing higher property taxes as a result of changes in property valuation.

“We understand the importance of balancing the needs of our schools with the financial well-being of our constituents,” said Superintendent Carrie Booher. “This reduction in the millage rate demonstrates our commitment to supporting our community while continuing to provide the quality education our students deserve. As fiduciaries, we commit to financial transparency amongst all stakeholders.”

Social Circle City Schools remains steadfast in its mission to provide students with an excellent and equitable education. The increase in salary allows us to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our staff, while the reduction in the millage rate will help ensure that our schools continue to thrive while alleviating the burden on taxpayers.”

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