Social Circle Garden Club celebrates 90 Years of History

The Social Circle Garden Club began on October 31, 1929, when several women met at the home of Mrs. W.L. Wallace to organize a garden and civic club. The next meeting had 18 women attending. The first president of the club was Mrs. M. B. Davis.
Projects in those early years included planting crepe myrtle and 1,000 dogwood trees throughout the town, shrubs around city hall and 250 climbing red rose bushes that graced the sidewalks. One year during Poppy Year, seeds were planted a span of five miles.
The club organized and presented an annual flower show during the 1930’s. During WWII the club saved tin cans donating them to the American Red Cross. The club also sent canned goods and cash to help Walton County Hospital.
In those earlier years, scrapbooks were handmade showing off the talents of the members. Yearbooks had a different theme every year and were given to each lady. The roll call was listed inside. As the roll was called, each woman had to answer a question or topic, such as your favorite lily, name of a blooming shrub, or the name of a state and its flower.
Entertainment at meetings included piano solos or duets and sometimes children were invited to entertain the members. Ladies brought clippings and arrangements from their own garden all year. And always guest speakers were the highlight of some of the meetings. Today many of those same traditions continue.
In 1946, Social Circle Garden Club was federated, and in 1947, they sponsored their sister club, the Gateways Garden Club. Over the years the club grew and second younger generations have continued the traditions of the club.
Enjoying a festive celebration of the club’s 90th anniversary, the members welcomed a visit to the club.
Happy anniversary to the Social Circle Garden Club. Thank you for your continuing contribution to the lovely city of Social Circle.

Photos of the 90th-Anniversary celebration for the Social Circle Garden Club by Melanie Ann Jackson.

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