South Gwinnett Police precinct, which includes Loganville area, has highest county percentage of vehicle break-ins

Press release from Gwinnett County Police Department

(Lawrenceville, Georgia)  Within the past six months, Gwinnett County Police Officers have been busy writing police reports for Entering Autos. The Crime Prevention Officers assigned to each of our five precincts have been keeping track of the statistics involved with these crimes.

Here are the percentages of vehicle break-ins with unlocked doors:

  • District 1 (West):      43%
  • District 2 (South):     65 %
  • District 3 (North):     32%
  • District 4 (East):       58%
  • District 5 (Central):  42%
District 2 (South Precinct) of Gwinnett County Police Department includes the unincorporated portion of Loganville that is located in Gwinnett County.

Roughly half of all vehicles in Gwinnett County were unsecured or unlocked when they were broken into.  Some of the most common stolen items include purses, wallets, cash, cell phones, electronics, and guns.

Vehicle break-ins occur at retail establishments, grocery stores, fitness centers, business areas, and even parked in residential neighborhoods.

The Gwinnett County Police Department urges everyone to avoid leaving valuables inside their cars while unattended.

Tips to help prevent a vehicle break-in:

  • Leave your valuables at home
  • Take them inside with you
  • Place your valuables inside your trunk before you arrive at your intended destination
  • Always lock your car doors
  • Keep your windows rolled up

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