Special relationship: Social Circle High School baseball players mentor WASP baseball players

SCCS baseball team members spent the day helping adaptive baseball players

Social Circle High School Varsity baseball players spent the day April 20 helping out players with the various Walton County Adaptive baseball teams. Far Right: Coach Tyler Cloud speaks to the SCHS Varsity player. Contributed photos

On April 20, the Walton County Adaptive Program baseball team had some mentoring and assistance from some young local baseball players – the Social Circle Varsity baseball team. The team volunteered to help with the games that Saturday morning.

“The parents of our special needs kids thought it would be amazing that these amazing young men gave their time on a Saturday to be with these kids,” said Amy Hegwood, mother of WASP director, Tyler Cloud. She also has a young son who plays on one of the adaptive teams. “These young men were absolutely the most respectful, compassionate young men. It was such a special day.”

Cloud said it was Social Circle High School Baseball Coach Keven Dawkins who actually got in touch with him to find out if there was a way his players could assist the adaptive teams.

“Back in February when I took over as WASP director, I got an email from a lady named Brandi Peters explaining that Coach Kevin Dawkins was interested in having his players volunteer with WASP. He wanted his players to be active in the community and involved with children who have special needs,” Cloud said. “Coach Dawkins and I had become acquainted during our time as high school baseball coaches in the area, so it was easy to reach out and get it scheduled.”

Cloud said when he told the families at WASP that high school players would be helping out, they were excited. But it turned out to be so much more than they had expected.

“Nothing compares to actually seeing them out there running the bases, giving high fives and cheering on our WASP kids. It was something our families and players will never forget,” Cloud said. And he was even more impressed when he found out that the team members had to work around their plans for prom night to keep the arrangement.

“The thing that was most impressive to me is that when Coach Dawkins and I scheduled the day for his team to come out, he didn’t realize that it was SCHS’s prom night. Instead of rescheduling, his entire team showed up and most players stayed for all of our games that day,” Cloud said. “Some missed work, pushed back their prom pictures, and who knows what else, all to make our WASP kids smile.”

Cloud said the way the players stepped up to work with his players, despite the conflict in schedules, was something he especially appreciated.

“That speaks to the culture that Coach Dawkins has created over there, “Cloud said. “He and the parents in that program should be very proud of those young men. That’s special.”

You can find out more about the WASP program at this link.

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