St. Stephens UMC installs a public Blessing Box to ‘Give what you can or take what you need’

St. Stephens United Methodist Church in Monroe has installed a public “Blessing Box” that has a limited number of grocery supplies for people passing by who may be in need. The box is open to those who are in a position to donate as well as those in the community who may be in need. The Blessing Box can be found on the upper driveway of the church behind Monroe County Day School at 113 Mill Street and is easily accessible to the public.

“We’ve had it in the works since late October and it has now become a reality for us,” said David Head, going on to give a little insight to the Blessing Box. “We know we can’t put enough food in the box to feed families so the purpose of the box is for someone walking by that may need something to eat or drink or just down because of life’s circumstances. When you leave things for the box we ask that you purchase pull top can items such as soups and tuna, as well as pop tarts, breakfast bars, cereal, crackers etc. Toiletries such as bar soap and lotions may also be left and baby items like pampers and cereal pouches. The idea is to leave something for quick access. We pray that this clarifies the men’s club intentions. FISH and other area churches have programs to reach more.”

Head said at the moment they have enough supplies on hand until the idea catches on. But in the future, if anybody in the area who has supplies that meet this criterion, they can drop them off in the blessing box in hopes that their donation will help lighten the load, even if just a little, for someone in the community in need.


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