State Rep Brett Harrell’s Capitol Update – news from under the Gold Dome.

press release from Georgia rep. brett Harrell (R-Snellville)

State Rep Brett Harrell’s Capitol Update – news from under the Gold Dome.

HB 30 Amended FY 2019 Budget Passes
This week the House passed HB 30 the Amended Fiscal Year 2019 Budget at $26.9 billion.
Highlights include:
  • An additional $20 million for emergency disaster relief assistance to Georgia farmers in counties impacted by Hurricane Michael.
  • 54% of all new revenue is appropriated to K-12 education.
  • 21% of new funds is budgeted for health and human services including an increase of $32 million for Medicaid, $418 million in total appropriations for the Indigent Care Trust Fund, and an additional $250,000 for home-delivered meals.
Most every measure of substance at the General Assembly requires compromise and the budget is no different. The Senate initially cut and then both Chambers agreed to restore funding for the newly created ATL Board that immediately upon springing into existence spent over $180,000 of your tax dollars for their Board Room. I would have preferred to keep the cut. That said, I voted YES on the final budget.
Bills of interest this week.

Several bills this week you may find of interest.

  • HB 183 Preserving your right to appeal your property tax assessment unanimously PASSED the House!
  • HB 63 creates exceptions to Step Therapy requirements PASSED the House!
  • HR 164 Constitutional Amendment on Fee Dedication so that the state government actually spends your money where we say we will PASSED the House!
  • HB 411 Prohibiting local governments from including non-tax fees on your property tax bill is back! This measure previously passed the House and Senate Committee, however, did not receive a Senate floor vote.

 On the House Rules calendar and possibly headed to the floor for a vote:

  • HB 105 providing state income tax exemption for Federal disaster relief payments.
  • HB 234 the Anti-Human Trafficking Protective Response Act
  • HB 316 Elections – ballot marking devices
  • HB 321 Hospital Medicaid Financing Program

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