Storm blew through Walton County Friday cooling it down but causing some damage

Tree came down on a semi-truck and trailer during Friday night’s storm

Photo credit: Walton County Fire Rescue

WALTON COUNTY, GA (June 18, 2022) – After a work week of heat advisories with temperatures in the high 90s and heat indices over 105, a storm blew through the area Friday evening, cooling the temperatures down to below 70 overnight.

But the storm left some damage in its wake, not the least of which a tree down on a semi-truck and trailer on Highway 138 near Nunnally Drive. Walton County Fire Rescue put out a traffic red alert just before 7 p.m. that the road was shut down due to the incident.

“No injuries reported, but the trailer has major damage,” WCFR Assistant Chief Craig League said. “This tree fell during the round of severe weather that passed through area earlier.”

Andrea Callihan shared some photos of good Samaritans who jumped in with chain saws and trucks to help clear the debris.

League said there also were reports of multiple trees down in the Youth Jersey area.

While the storm may have helped bring down temperatures and reduced some of the humidity, don’t get too used to the cooler temperatures. They won’t hold for long. Tuesday is the first day of summer with temperatures predicted to go out to 98 degrees and 102 degrees in the local area by Wednesday.

Enjoy the small respite while it is here.

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