Stranger Danger: 5 Safety Tips This Halloween for Your Child

Press release from the Better Business Bureau

Atlanta, GA – Better Business Bureau Serving Metro Atlanta, Athens & NE Georgia urges parents and children to be safe this Halloween holiday. Inform your viewers to always start with trust and 5 tips to that can save their child from harm.

For decades, we have been telling our children the same four words to keep them safe, never talk to strangers. This phrase alone will not protect your children; parents should remind their children about how to stay safe in the case of an emergency.

Here are five safety tips to educate your child about stranger danger:

1) Trust Your Instincts

Children have intuition, but they may not know how to act on it yet. Teach them to trust their gut when they feel uncomfortable and how to act quickly.

One way to make sure your children’s intuition is clear is to create a password. Make this password a word or a phrase that only you, your children, and adults you both trust would know. If your child is trying to be picked up at school from someone who they have never met before, their instinct should kick in. When they have that gut feeling, always have them ask, “what’s the password?”. If there is any hesitancy or confusion from the stranger, they need to shout for help.
2) Never Get into A Stranger’s Car

One of the most important things you can teach your child is to never get into or near a strangers car. Strangers will use common luring tactics such as offering free candy, asking for directions and claiming their parents asked to pick them up. Regardless of how tempting it may be to want free candy, they should never step near someone’s car.

3) Carry Your Safety Items

The key to safety is being proactive, not reactive. Be sure your children carry these items to mitigate any dangerous situation from occurring.

  • Safety Whistle
  • Flashlight
  • Keychain Alarm

4) Make a Scene

The best thing your children can do when they feel unsafe is to cause a scene. Yelling and making a lot of noise is the best way to attract attention. Tell your children to shout phrases like “NO!” and “HELP ME!”. If a stranger feels that too much attention is being brought to them, there is a better chance they will leave before they get caught.

5) Run to the Safety Spot

If your child ran away from someone who seems dangerous, be sure they know where to run to. If they’re in your neighborhood, be sure they know to run to a neighbor or friend they can trust.

If your children are in public, be sure they run to a predetermined safety spot. This can be their local police station, fire department, school, or hospital. Take your children to these safety spots and introduce them to the people that work there. It is important for your children to feel comfortable with their local officials. If your children get lost, check these places first. Be sure your children always have a laminated card with their home address & emergency contacts clearly written on them.

Communication is key when it comes to child safety. Make sure to always check-in with your children daily to ask questions and provide a safe space for them to talk. Sometimes it can be difficult to initiate a conversation about possible dangers to your children, but it is essential in preparing them in case of emergency.


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