Students named to Georgia College Dean’s List

Press Release from readmedia newswire

MILLEDGEVILLE, GA (05/24/2018)– The following students completed courses with exemplary marks and made the Dean’s List for the 2018 spring semester at Georgia College in Milledgeville, Ga.

Katherine King of Loganville (30052)

Jonah Faulknor of Loganville (30052)

Breeanna McBee of Loganville (30052)

Austin Brown of Loganville (30052)

Logan Mattix of Loganville (30052)

Jordyn Carter of Loganvillle (30052)

Kennedy Heard of Loganville (30052)

Brittany Massey of Loganville (30052)

Christian Cafici-Rivera of Loganville (30052)

Sherita Blake of Loganville (30052)

Caitlin McBee of Loganville (30052)

Madison Dittman of Loganville (30052)

Allison Slaughter of Monroe (30655)

Logan Broach of Monroe (30655)

Jennifer Ricks of Monroe (30655)

Cayla Sirmans of Monroe (30655)

Natalie Babin of Monroe (30655)

Georgia College is the state’s designated public liberal arts university.

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