Students Named to President’s List at Georgia College

Press release from Merit Pages

MILLEDGEVILLE, GA (12/22/2020)– The following students completed courses with exemplary marks and made the President’s List for the Fall 2020 semester at Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia.

Lydia Atkinson of Monroe (30656)

Natalie Babin of Monroe (30655)

Alexis Beck of Loganville (30052)

Paige Belconis of Loganville (30052)

Avery Carbone of Monroe (30655)

Joshua Coursey of Loganville (30052)

Ansleigh Crouch of Monroe (30656)

Courtney Davis of Monroe (30655)

Emily Deason of Loganville (30052)

Jonah Faulknor of Loganville (30052)

Garrett Harrison of loganville (30052)

Sarah Meyers of Loganville (30052)

Sophia Millard of Loganville (30052)

Hope Mimbs of Loganville (30052)

Matthew Mullis of Loganville (30052)

Courtney Sandbo of Loganville (30052)

Elizabeth Seidita of Loganville (30052)

Jordan Siggers of Loganville (30052)

Natalee Skinner of Loganville (30052)

Jasper Strickland of Loganville (30052)

Neelylee Thompson of Monroe (30656)

Marykatherine Wallace of Loganville (30052)

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