Scam alert: Synovus warns customers to be aware of ‘smishing’ fraud

press release from Synovus

Synovus is warning its customers to be aware of fraudulent text messages targeting its customers, as well as customers of other financial institutions.

Known as “smishing,” these messages are attempts to steal personal information from the recipient via SMS (text) message. You are urged to not respond to the messages or provide personal information of any kind.

Unless you replied to the message, you do not need to report it to Synovus. Synovus would like to let its customers know that it will never contact you via phone, text, or email requesting personal information. Do not reply to a text or email message requesting personal information including your Social Security Number, credit or debit card numbers, or username and password. If a caller requests this information, hang up and contact the bank through a trusted number to verify the request.

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Stay alert and educate yourself

Synovus Personal Resource Center features a collection of stories and resources to help you learn more about protecting yourself from fraud. Here are a few articles you should read:

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