The 2017 Fall Winter Issue of Walton Living Magazine is in!

Click or tap on this cover to take a look at the digital issue of the 2017 Fall Winter issue of Walton Living Magazine.

The digital publication of the 2017 Fall Winter issue of Walton Living Magazine is in and the hard copies of the magazines are on the way! They will be distributed from Wednesday. A special thank you to the writers, photographers and designers who helped with this issue and the advertisers who are always so supportive. Without them we couldn’t do it.

Don’t forget, next year we’re in for the big Bicentennial celebration and our special Bicentennial Commemorative issue will be out early in the new year and will be available at all the events throughout the year. We are looking forward to being able to tell the story of Walton County and its 200-year history.We will be sharing stories and photos that highlight its early beginnings, the people and events that shaped its progress and how far it has come since that December day in 1818 when it all began.

We will be working with the historical societies and families who have roots firmly planted in the community. If you have stories or photos to share that you feel will enhance this publication, please contact Sharon Swanepoel at We are very excited about being able to offer a prestigious magazine that will honor this community in which we all now share a common bond.

If you would like to know about advertising opportunities in the magazine, please contact Melanie Ann Jackson at

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