The Bracelet Man has found a unique way to honor veterans, police and other first responders

Veterans Day 2021 was celebrated as it is every year with special services everywhere honoring all the men and women who have served in the Armed Forces keeping the peace and keeping us free. Flags were flying high, many presentations were given by family, friends and community leaders thanking everyone that served for their bravery and self sacrifice.

One man in particular, James Royston aka The Bracelet Man, keeps his focus not only on our veterans but on firefighters, police, EMT’s, first responders, medical workers in all capacities and others. He visits many different events and carries a nice variety of his bracelets with him.

“In 2008 I was working for an Internet/Cable Company. I was 30 feet up a ladder with a 50# tool belt around my waste. The ladder twisted and I dropped to the ground, landing on my feet and eventually on my butt, blowing out my lower lumbar,” he said.

To avoid being paralyzed, Royston had to have immediate surgery to enable him to continue walking. He was not able to continue working and started his survival paracord business.

“I was not able to enlist in the service for medical reasons but my Great Grandaddy was is WWI and I had uncles that served. The good Lord gave me the idea to do all of this in dedication to thank the military and all for their community service,” Royston said.

So Royston spends his days making bracelets from parachute chord among other things such as lanyards and more.

When asked how long it takes to make a bracelet he said, “It takes about 10 minutes. I make them in different colors. I also can personalize each one with a persons name, birth date, branch of service, dog or cats name, kids name, school, company, whatever they want on the bracelets.”

Not only does he show his patriotism in this way, he has a lifelike display of military, EMT”s, firefighters, nurses and many others on display in his front yard along with many different flags. “

People come by to visit and take pictures or just to talk. Sometimes they will drive by and turn around to come back to see my display. I’ve met people from all over the United States and Canada because of all of this.” Royston says he makes them himself or is able to use mannequins he was given. “I think that I am the only person that makes personalized survival paracord bracelets. Got that information from google.”

If you would like more information or for ordering purposes you can contact Royston at 706-457-7528 or on Facebook @ The Bracelet Man.

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