The Circus Comes to Town for one young Loganville girl

Emily Goldstein of Loganville, probably most well-known for all her work with animal rescue, is also well-known by those who know her well for her dedication to Lilah, her daughter who is autistic.

Due to Lilah’s delicate health conditions, Emily has had to keep her completely isolated since March when the COVID-19 shutdown began. It has not been easy for Emily and Lilah, who usually attends the Bridge of Georgia in Monroe. But that didn’t stop Emily doing something special for her daughter – with the help of Ringling Brothers who made a Reunion tribute just for Lilah. (Click or tap on link below to see and share the video tribute)

“Many of you know Lilah absolutely loves the circus. She has made incredible friends of many of the performers of Ringling brothers , I am honored and grateful for this incredible tribute to my incredible girl. A huge thanks to all that made this possible !!! Bello Nock we love and thank you with our hearts ! And to each and every performer that came together for this !! ❤️ you all,” Emily wrote Tuesday when she shared the video tribute (above) that Bello Nock the Clown had put together for Lilah.

“I can’t begin to tell you what this has done for Lilah and for me. Oh my gosh Lilah loved it. She almost felt as if it was a video chat and she was responding to everybody that said hello to her,” Emily said. “It all started really because Lilah loves two particular Ringling Brothers formers and I have kept in touch with a few of them. It’s just the most amazing thing.”

Emily said that Lilah watches every Sunday.

“Since the pandemic started, Jonathan Lee Iversen the ringmaster has a special story time every Sunday night. So he and I talk as Lilah loves him. Many years ago he gave Lilah her very first circus clown nose. I then got invited to a group on Facebook that most of the ex performers are all on.”

Emily said they asked her to write a little something about Lilah and when she did she was immediately contacted by one of the producers of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.

“Bello took an incredible interest and rounded up all the performers. They started asking me to film certain things as they were putting something together. We started working on it months ago, but Bello got injured on America’s got talent So it took a little bit longer,” Emily said. She is still amazed by the whole thing.

“So many other performers that are in the actual video contacted me personally. I have spoken with many on the phone and spoken with many through messenger,” she said. “Some of the pictures I have that I shared with them of Lilah through the years at the circus are the actual performers in the video. Adam Sutton contacted me after Bello saw my post on a facebook group that most of the performers are on. He’s a producer. Then he got Bryan May involved (another producer) and, as I put it, it became a labor of love not only for Lilah but a lot of these performers had not interacted since the circus shut down and it felt very good and very right to do this for Lilah.”

There is little doubt that this family in Loganville will never forget the day the Circus Came to Town, right into their very own living room, during the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020.

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