The Humane Society of Walton County is now open

Will be open Dec. 26 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was so much happier for some of Walton County’s previously stray and homeless pets as the long-awaited Human Society of Walton County opened to the public. Volunteers helped staff the facility as dogs got washed, walked or spent some time in the outdoor pen and some cats and kittens got some affection and toys to play with in their new temporary home.

If you haven’t yet seen the facility, or maybe want to see if there is a good fit for one of the pets to find a permanent home in your home, the HSWC will be open again today, from 10 a.m. to 4 pm. It opened its doors to the pubic for the first time two days before Christmas.

“The moment we’ve all been waiting for… we will be open tomorrow from 10am-3pm! Stop by and visit our adoptable friends. They would love to have a home for Christmas,” Miranda Poreba, founder of the Human Society of Walton County, announced on Friday night.

It was a soft opening, but it gave the public the first opportunity to see what everybody has been anxiously waiting for since the first announcement at the beginning of the year. Walton County’s homeless pets now have another option to find a forever home – and some even had a very short stay before getting to leave the HSWC and head to their forever home in time for Christmas.

The HSWC is located at 1520 Highway 138, Monroe. You can get a first look at the facility, see the adoptable pets already in there, and find out how you can help contribute to a better life for Walton County’s four-footed residents.

For more information on the HSWC, you can follow them on Facebook at this link, on the website at this link, and read about them in the feature from Walton Living.

Below is a gallery of the photos of the facility before this week when the first dogs and cats moved into it. Photos courtesy of HSWC.

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