The man behind much of Walton County’s successful business growth

Few can argue that the business and manufacturing development in Walton County has been booming in the last decade. With expansions at Hitachi, the development of Stanton Springs and the Facebook plant that came with it to name a few, Walton County’s tax base has grown substantially in recent years. And the man behind much of it is Shane Short, executive director of the Development Authority of Walton County.

Short, however, is quick to tout the successes as the result of teamwork rather than any one person.

“Great teamwork,” was the key to success Short told Robbie Schwartz for a story in the latest issue of Walton Living Magazine. “As the executive director, my job is to market Walton County. This takes a team of people to make it happen. I may be the face of the success, but there are many others who work behind the scenes. These include the Development Authority members, the Walton County Board of Commissioners, the cities of Monroe, Loganville and Social Circle as well as the Joint Development Authority of Jasper, Morgan, Newton and Walton Counties, and great utility partners. I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention my economic development partners in the JDA, especially David Bernd and Serra Hall in Newton County. We have a special relationship that I don’t think exists in any other county in Georgia.”

And the good news in all of it is that Short believes this is a trend that he expects to continue – and he plans to be a part of it for the long haul.

“We are not done yet. Although we have had some great success stories, we still have a lot more to do, and I’m excited to be a part of that process,” Short said. “I hope my future is right here doing what I love to do most: economic development. Of the communities I lived in throughout my career, Walton County is the only one I call home. I love the community, the location, our towns and, most importantly, the people. As long as the Development Authority will have me, I hope to continue in this position until I retire. But, with loving what I do, who knows when that will be.”

For the full story by Robbie Schwartz, and to find out just who Shane Short is and what he brings to the table in successfully growing Walton County, you can read the Spring-Summer 2021 issue of Walton Living Magazine’s digital publication below. You will find the story on Short as our featured Community Leader on page 22. Or you can pick up a print copy of the magazine at one of our advertisers featured in the magazine, some businesses or stores around the community or at one of the city halls or libraries in Walton County.

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