The search is over – a reunion long overdue

Dog missing for 3 years reunited with owners

Little did I know this would be a journey of the heart when this cute pup was found in Lilburn.

It all began with a simple message from a friend who I had helped find her lost pet a few years ago.  She had found this adorable pup and needed my help finding the owner.  Little did I know it would be two days of detective work, dedication and a love for animals that would lead us on a bigger, more nourishing for the soul journey.

This pup was found in Lilburn, but no one anwered the ad I made for a found dog. I had spread it all over Facebook with not so much as a comment on the ad. After the pup was scanned for a microchip at a local vet, we got our first lead and first glimmer of hope. But that was short lived. All the information on the micrcochip lead to unanwered calls, texts and emails and lots of questions. I decided I had to keep digging, I mean who keeps a microchip active if you do not want and love your pet? What if the owner was hurt, ill or even away?

So I again took to Facebook, and the internet, to dig some more, but now armed with the name of the owner, Brian Kendricks. I located his facebook and reached out to him. I even posted on his Facebook page. When waiting turned from minutes to hours, I became more baffled and decided to keep going and I kept searching. When an animal is microchipped, it is legal  property of the owner listed, so the only way to help is either keep digging or bring the dog to the shelter. I was determined to find out why no one was looking for the pup the microchip named as “Willow.” I decided to reach out to people on his friends list. One was a beautiful women pictured with him very often, the other apeared to be his father and the third was a random choice.

It is a strange thing to call or even to write strangers looking for a friend of theirs in hopes of reuniting a pet, but it really seemed the only avenue left. After a few hours my phone rang with a 404 area code. In a kind unsure voice, I heard “Is this Emily?” It was Willow’s mommy. Within moments my phone would ring yet again and it would be Willow’s daddy.  Again my phone rang moments later and it was her grandpa.

But wait, there is more, so much more!!!

Willow was adopted many years ago from the humane society and her name once adopted was changed to Chloe. This happy family resided in Atlanta and three years ago Chloe, aka Willow, disappeared. That is correct, three years ago she vanished from Atlanta and was found healthy and fit in Lilburn – yes, three years later.

The family is still in disbelief and within just a few hours she was back in their arms where she belongs. What a story Chloe must have. In her senior years she has earned the right to be back with the loving family that adopted her from the Humane society.  Welcome home Chloe!!!!!!!

May all her years left be ones filled with love and may her family be blessed by her love for them. Never give up !!! Microchip your pet today!

About the author: Emily Goldstein is a Loganville resident and animal advocate. She has reunited many lost pets with their owners. 

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