The Walton County BOC to consider a concert hall and outdoor event location at 376 Hwy 11 S at the June meeting Tuesday

The Walton County Board of Commissioners will meet at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 1 at the Historic Courthouse on Broad Street for the June 2021 BOC meeting. Items on the agenda include a request for a rezoning at 375 Highway 11 south to allow for a concert hall and outdoor event location. The Walton County Planning Commission has recommended denial. There also is a request for a rezoning that will allow for a subdivision on 87.6 acres in District 6, another on Nathan Blvd. to allow for parking of tractor-trailers, and one to allow for a donkey barn on Hester Road.

The public is invited to attend. The full agenda follows.

1. PUBLIC COMMENT | 3 Minute Limit Per Speaker. To speak at the meeting please follow the instructions outlined at the end of this Agenda.


2.1. Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation

2.2. Call to Order

2.3. RollCall

3. ADOPTION OF AGENDA 3.1. Additions/Deletions


4.1. Approval of Z21010020 – Rezone 87.85 acres from R1 to R1OSC for a residential subdivision – Applicant: Psachya Futterman/Owner: Scenic Hill Estates Inc – Dry Pond Rd-Map/Parcel C1200083 – District 6 – Tabled 5/4/21

4.2. Approval of CU21030011 – Conditional Use for existing Guest House on 7.05 acres – Applicant: Wesley Brown Sisk/Owners: Wesley & Maghan Sisk – Property located at 1810 Alcovy Mtn. Rd-Map/Parcel C1390010 – District 4

4.3. Approval of CU21040001 – Conditional Use for Guest House – Applicants/Owners: Terrell & Diane Peters – Property located at 2190 Jug Rd-Map/Parcel C1610038 – District 4

4.4. Approval of Z21030019 – Rezone 1 acre from A to R1 and 4+ acres from A to A1 for residential use – Applicant/Owner: Atlanta’s Best Construction Inc – Property located at 1630 Hew Hope Church Rd-Map/Parcel C0610090 – District 1

4.5. Approval of Z21030021– Rezone 1.20 acres from B1 to B3 to park tractor trailers – Applicant: Alic Scrinic/Owners: Donna Shave & Roland Lanctot Trustees – Property located at Nathan Blvd-Map/Parcel C0440013K00 – District 1.

4.6. Approval of Z21030022 – Rezone 5.70 acres from R1 to A1 for animals – Applicant: Michael Brandenburg/Owners: Michael & Leigh Ann Brandenburg – Property located at 2710 Hester Town Rd-Map/Parcel C1680054A00 – District 4.

Walton County, GA Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting 6/1/2021

 4.7. Denial of Z21040002 – Rezone 10.467 acres from A1 to B2 for small concert hall/outdoor event center/Applicant: Angela McDowell/Owner: Superior Teleservice Group – Property located at 376 Highway 11-Map/Parcel C1400021 – District 4


5.1. Reconsideration of Zoning Conditions – Z221010019

5.2. Request to change name of Mt. Ena Church Road to Mt. Enon Church Road

6. ADMINISTRATIVE CONSENT AGENDA | All items listed below are voted on by the board in one motion unless otherwise specified by the Board

6.1. Approval of May 4, 2021 Meeting Minutes

6.2. Contracts & Budgeted of $5,000 or Greater

6.3. Declaration of Surplus Property

6.4. Inconvenience Fee Agreement – Check the Gate Productions, LLC 6.5. Acceptance of Grant – GRGPA in the amount of $1750

6.6. IGA – City of Loganville Independence Celebration at West Walton Park 6.7. Contract Renewal – Oglethorpe Co. – Inmate Housing

6.8. Lease Agreement – State of Georgia – Department of Driver Services


7.1. Presentation – Mauldin & Jenkins – Operational Assessments

7.2. Acceptance of American Rescue Plan Act – First 1/2 Allocation in the amount of $9,186,790.50

7.3. Agreement – Paychex – For InVision Iris Time Clock


8.1. FY2021 Budget Amendments

8.2. Authorizing Chairman to amend the FY2021 Budget as part of the fiscal year closing process

8.3. Adoption of FY 2022 Budget

8.4. Capital Improvements Element Annual Update

Walton County, GA Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting 6/1/2021

 8.5. Development Authority of Walton County -To provide for Chairman of the Walton County Board of Commissioners to be Ex Officio Member and to clarify process for appointment of Mayors


9.1. Proposed Amendment to Civil Service Personnel Rules and Regulations –

Promotions/Reclassifications and Resolution

9.2. Requested Change in Holiday Policy – E-911 and EMS


10.1.Appointment – Monroe-Walton County Library Board of Trustees

10.2.Appointment – NEGRC Council Private Representative

10.3.Appointment – DFACS Board – Request to reappoint Gina Meadows and Charlotte George


11.1.Employee Benefits and Compensation




If you are an individual with a disability and require special assistance at this meeting, please contact our office at 770-267-1301 and arrangements will be made.

People wanting to make a Public Comment before the Board of Commissioners must complete the form at the link below and return it to the County Clerk no later than 5:00 PM the day prior to the meeting. You may email, fax, mail or deliver the form. For more information, please contact Rhonda Hawk.

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