Top 10 Stories read on Your Local News this week

Just in case you missed any of them, these were the Top 10 stories read on Your Local News this week. Click or tap on any link for the story.

Officials give a development and construction update for the City of Loganville
Breaking: Wreck on Highway 78 sends woman and baby to the hospital
Missing: Tom Locke, 35, from the Loganville area
Former Monroe mayor Harry Knight, 92, passes away
Breaking: Walton County crews responding to large water main break
Come Monday, golf carts could be seen on Monroe’s city streets
Monroe PD: Woman claims she was held hostage for week and beaten
Breaking: 2 residents displaced by house fire in Loganville
WCSO Alerts: Slew of hit and runs down highways 138 and 11
Fire crews with Monroe Fire Department respond to fire in the Heritage subdivision

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