Traffic alert: Local students begin returning to school Aug. 1

All good things must come to an end sometime and for students at Walton County School District and Social Circle City Schools, it is the summer vacation that’s over. Students from both school districts return to their new classrooms on Thursday, Aug. 1 and Walton County Sheriff’s Office is warning everyone to be prepared for the extra traffic on the roads.

“We will have twenty deputies working the school areas but we still expect some congestion for the first few days—- especially at the elementary schools (do you remember when your baby started to school and you needed to walk him/her in). Have patience; watch for buses and stop for them. Take an alternative route if you possibly can,” WCSO wrote on the Facebook page.

Buses will be out on the roads in plenty of time to get students to their classrooms and home afterwards in accordance with the following start and end times for WCSD.

Elementary School: 8:40 a.m.-3:20 p.m.
Middle School: 7:30 a.m.-2:25 p.m.
High School: 7:30 a.m.-2:40 p.m.
There also are likely to be young high school drivers on the roads with new licenses, some just acquired over the summer, something else to take into account with the extra traffic on the road.
Social Circle City Schools has traffic maps posted on the website at this link with new traffic patterns and suggestions on how to help the traffic flow easily that first day.
Motorists will have a little time to ease into the extra traffic, but Gwinnett County Schools return next week, Aug. 5. So if you live in the Loganville area or your commute takes you that way, be prepared for the traffic on Monday to ramp up even more. Trinity Prep students in Loganville also return to their classrooms on Monday, Aug. 5 and Loganville Christian Academy students return the following day, Tuesday, Aug. 6. Monroe Country Day School students have until Aug. 14 before they return to the classroom and George Walton Academy students still have another three weeks of summer vacation returning to school. GWA begin back to school Open Houses on Aug. 19 and 20 with the first full day of classes on Aug. 22.
We hope everybody had a wonderful summer vacation and is well rested and ready to return to the classroom for another year of school.
We hope everybody had a wonderful summer vacation and is well-rested and ready to return to the classroom for another year of school. If your student is entering school for the first time, please feel free to share your photographs on our Facebook page under this story. And even if they are well-seasoned students by now, we still would love to see your photographs of their first day back at school.

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