Tribute Page to those in our community we have lost to COVID-19

At first they were just statistics, then cases or deaths that we heard of, but now they are family and friends of our friends and neighbors and even our own family members and friends. They are no longer statistics in someone else’s community and we would like to let you pay tribute to the loved ones whom you have lost to COVID-19.

If you live in Walton County, or the Gwinnett side of Loganville, and would like to share a photograph and a brief paragraph of a beloved family member who you lost to COVID-19, we would be honored to share it on our Tribute page. It will not only pay tribute to your loved one, but will also help others in the community know and understand the true devastation this virus is causing.

If you would like to have a tribute included, please email to a favorite photograph of your loved one with the following information.

  • Name
  • Date of their Birth and Death and age
  • Name of person and connection sharing the tribute (eg, wife, husband, son, daughter, etc)
  • A brief statement outlining the essence of who they were and what you would most like them to be remembered by.

These people are our fellow community members who we would like to remember and honor. COVID-19 has impacted our community more than many truly know. We share in your heartbreak and grief at these losses.

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