TSPLOST in Walton County has failed again

This is the second time in as many years, the TSPLOST in Walton County has gone down, this time by a wider margin. In 2020, the TSPOST did not manage to make it across the finish line either, going down with 50.68 % of the voters rejecting the 1 cent tax for transportation projects. And again in Tuesday’s General Election, by a 53%-47% margin, Walton County voters again rejected a TSPLOST referendum

The TSPLOT had been pushed by the Chamber of Commerce and others in the county to help improve roads and deal with traffic congestion with those in support of the measure pointing out that the tax would have also been paid by non-county residents. Passage of the TSPLOST would have been met with a state DOT matching grant. Each city and the county provided a wish list of traffic measures, none of which will now make it passed the list.

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