Two dogs found In Elijay one chipped from Winder

Update : It took a lot of time but it was worth it as I tracked down who the original owner , who had moved out of state after the microchip information was a dead end.. It took a few hours to get in touch with the new owners of Molly and of this other dog but we found them and they are coming to pick up their dogs tonight!!!

Owner on chip Laura Cushing was notified by chip company by email as the phone number is disconnected . Joseph and I found two strays off of highway 76 near Elijay, the other one is not pictured as she was injured and is getting fixed at the Mountain Emergency Animal Center right now. If there is anyone in the area that is willing to take them in, please message me. The injured dog’s name is Molly and she has a chip that traces back to Leftover Pets in Winder. Hopefully she will be able to return there tomorrow when they open. The other dog that is pictured has no chip, but they were walking together so we are under the impression they both came from the same place. Please call 609 902 9282

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