Unclaimed refunds from Walton EMC – Are you on the list?

There are several names on a list of returned refund deposit or membership funds from Walton EMC. Are you one, or do you know one of the names on this list.

“Take a look at these Walton EMC customer-owners who discontinued service. We mailed each a refund of deposit and/or membership fee, but the Post Office returned it,” Walton EMC said in a press release. “If you know someone on this list, please have them contact us at 770-266-2519.”

Ali, Maano A.
Bay Creek Builders
Brandwine Homes Ga. LLC
Bryant, Kiara
Conner, Dennis L.
Dasman, Nicole
DSJRB Enterprise LLC
Flowers, Nicolle
Foney, Jordan S.
Fowler, Kelsie L.
Gatewood, Astara
Godfrey, Tori
Gordon, Alicia
Green, Grady L.
Havenbrook Construction
Jackson, Nola
Jones, Patricia
Jones, Thomas J.
Martin, Thomas P.
Mercado, Valeska L.
Miles, Robert A.
Neto, Susan
Pope, Mark J.
Railey, Don
Reid, Chris M.
Rhynes, Shenika
Rivers, Diasia
Robinson, Maria
Rojas, Luis F.
Scott, Jane R.
Seymour, Denicia O.
Taylor, Dentis
Ventas Center Mob, LLC
Washington, Luther
Welch, Michele
Wilder, Leshann
Williams, Sakeenah
Wisell, Stephanie M.
Withrow, Avery K.
Woodhaven Auto Brokers
Yerby, Cheryl R.
Yos, Dara

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