United Way of Walton County offers free online tax filing tool

press release from United Way

Monroe, Georgia (March 22, 2023)– Today, United Way of Walton County announced the launch of this tax season’s MyFreeTaxes.com site. For the 12th year, United Way is providing online tax filing software, accessible through MyFreeTaxes.com, to help taxpayers easily and accurately file their taxes from their computer or smartphone. MyFreeTaxes® is a free and easy way to file federal and state tax returns for free.

“Taxes can be a source of confusion and stress for hard working community members,” said Executive Director Katie Butler. “Many are intimidated by the complexities of taxes and afraid to make a mistake that will cost them money. With this service, you can take advantage of all the tax credits and deductions you qualify for and the best part is it is completely free to Walton County users as part of United Way. That’s especially important now, as so many are struggling financially.”

Key features of the online tool include:

  • Screens for credit and deduction eligibility such as the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit to ensure filers receive their maximum tax refund.
  • Shows filers how and why their refund amount is changing in real time
  • Allows individuals to use their mobile phone, tablet or computer to file taxes
  • Help from a real person trained by the IRS via the MyFreeTaxes’ Helpline.
  • Access to additional financial products and resources, including free access to a student debt management tool that will help employees easily lower payments or find loan forgiveness.

MyFreeTaxes is FREE for all returns and includes schedule C options. A list of the tax forms included in this free offering is available by visiting MyFreeTaxes.com. MyFreeTaxes users can also contact United Way of Walton County for additional resources at www.unittedwayofwalton.org or 678-635-7132. Additional resources for Walton County residents can also be found by calling the United Way health and human services helpline 2-1-1. Get Help. Get Connected.

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