Until next year; saying goodbye to the monarch butterflies

Tagging Monarch Butterflies. Photo credit: Dan Shulimson

Every year during the summer month, many in the Walton County community prepare for the arrival of the Monarch butterfly – the king of the species. And as fall approaches, they prepare to say goodbye for another season. Becky Brewer, of Monroe, is an avid monarch butterfly nurturer. She, and many others, make sure they have milkweed plants on location to help in the Monarch cycle of life. The Walton County Detention Center garden also provides a home for the monarch butterflies during their time in the local area.

After taking advantage of the help, the monarch butterfly will spread its wings and fly south to Mexico to avoid the harsher winters here at home. Some of these beautiful insects have been tagged in order to follow their progress.

To find out more facinating facts about this annual visit to Walton County, click or tap on the digital article written by Melanie Ann Jackson that appears in the Fall-Winter issue of the Walton Living Magazine. Or you could pick up a hard copy at any Walton County City Hall, library, the Chamber of Commerce or many businesses around the County.


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