Update: Building and vehicles destroyed in car lot fire Monday night


A building and several vehicles on a car lot in Monroe were destroyed by fire on Monday night. According to Monroe Assistant Fire Chief Bill Owens, several cars were complete losses with many more with some type of heat damage.

“Building and all the contents were a complete loss,” Owens said. (Update – it was Beaudry Auto Brokers at 809 N. Broad St.)  “It was part of the car lot. If I understand right, the shop was used to fix cars.”

Owens said that the fire marshal had completed the investigation and it was deemed to be unintentional in nature, “most likely coming from the breaker panel area,” he said. “The cars involved were just close to the building and subsequently exposed to the fire.”

Initial story

Assistant Monroe Fire Chief Bill Owens confirms crews are battling a structure fire on N. Broad Street. Expect delays. Walton County Fire Rescue is assisting Monroe Fire Department in battling the blaze. According to officials, the fire is in the building behind the new Graystone Church.

Structure fire on N. Broad Street in Monroe on Monday, Nov. 6, 2017. Photo credit: Monroe Fire Department
Fire in building behind Greystone Church in Monroe on Nov. 6, 2017. Photo credit: Walton County Fire Rescue


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