Update: ‘buy bust’ suspect ran his vehicle into 2 patrol cars before fleeing on foot

Buy Bust at the Kroger grocery store in the City of Loganville on June 8, 2020. Contributed photo
William Long Photo credit: Walton County Sheriff’s Office

Witnesses at the Loganville Kroger near Highway 81 got to witness the arrest of a suspect on Monday, June 8. WCSO was backed up by members of the Loganville Police Department and the Georgia State Patrol.

Maj. Scott Whisnant, PIO for WCSO, confirmed that the operation was a “buy-bust.” The suspect allegedly damaged two patrol vehicles when he tried to escape and then fled on foot before being arrested.

Officers allegedly found a large amount of methamphetamine on his person as well as in the vehicle along with US currently.

According to the arrest report, WCSO was given a tip that William Long, 30, of Lawrenceville, would be in the area of the Kroger gas pumps in the City of Loganville and would be in the possession of illegal narcotics. When the suspect arrived and deputies approached with blue lights activated, the suspect accelerated in an attempt to get away, hitting two of the patrol cars in the process, one twice. The driver then fled on foot. He was tripped by one of the deputies but allegedly struggled to avoid arrest, requiring several officers to try and bring him into compliance. Officers noted that he displayed abnormal strength. A K-9 was also brought onto the scene but was not released due to concern for bystanders. The suspect was eventually tased in order to bring him into compliance. He did, however, make another attempt to flee even with his hands handcuffed behind his back and the taser probes still embedded. He was eventually arrested, the probes removed and he was treated by EMS on the scene.

Long is currently incarcerated at Walton County Detention Center in connection with the incident. He is charged with trafficking in illegal drugs, two counts of criminal interference of government property and aggravated assault

Walton County Sheriff’s Office made the following statement on its website.
When one brings 4.5 ounces of meth into our county with the intentions of selling that poison to our citizens, one must be prepared for the consequences. Yesterday, a male subject was arrested and charged with trafficking of an illegal substance and also aggravated assault due to his determination to escape even if it meant running over a deputy. Remember, we might be a rural county but have committed and very well trained deputies. Also, thanks to LPD for their assistance. And by the way, he WAS wearing a mask for his health.
Editor’s Note: An arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

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