Update: Charges pending in dog attack on Loganville child and neighbor


Robbie Schwartz, spokesman for the City of Loganville, said all three dogs involved in Wednesdays attack on a 9-year-old and his neighbor in Loganville are currently at a 10-day rabies observation at Walton County Animal Control.

“If the owner decides to not surrender the dogs for euthanasia, animal control will begin dangerous dog classification proceedings. Charges are pending as the investigation is being coordinated with the (Loganville Police Department), Schwartz said.  


Walton County Animal Control has confirmed that the two male and one female pit bull dogs involved in Wednesday’s attack on a child and neighbor in Loganville have been impounded and taken to Walton County Animal Control.


The City of Loganville public information officer Robbie Schwartz said the child was reportedly playing in the front yard of a house on Big Game Way when he was attacked by three dogs. A female neighbor saw the attacked and attempted to break it up. She was subsequently attacked. The child is reportedly in a stable condition at Egleston and the female neighbor was taken to Clearview Regional Medical Center with non life-threatening injuries.


Robbie Schwartz with the City of Loganville said initial reports are that it was a 9-year-old boy and his adult caretaker were attacked by three dogs on Big Game Way in the city. The air ambulance has landed at the O’Kelley Memorial Library and the child is expected to be flown to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston. It is not yet known what has happened with the dogs involved in the attack or exactly what the relationship of the adult also attacked is to the child. The extend of the adult’s injuries also are not known at this time.

This story is evolving and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Initial Story

Officials with the City of Loganville report an air ambulance is life-flighting a 10-year-old from the O’Kelley Memorial Library in Loganville after he was attacked by a dog.

“His mother was also injured in the attack, but to what extend I’m not sure at this time,” said Robbie Schwartz, public information officer for the City of Loganville.

Schwarz said according to the initial report, the attack is said to have taken place on Big Game Way in the city. At this time no other details are available. The story will update as details are given.


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