Update: City of Loganville released info on possible data breach out of ‘abundance of caution’


City of Loganville spokesman Robbie Schwartz said the City was “acting in an abundance of caution in issuing the statement regarding a potential data breach.”

“At this time it is still speculation that our servers were breached and any personal information was accessed,” Schwartz said in a press release. “Until we have confirmed details from the cyber security team that was hired, who will act on our behalf to notify the proper authorities – which includes the Department of Homeland Security and possibly the FBI – we have no additional information to provide regarding this matter.

Initial story

The City of Loganville is the latest city to report a data breach to the city’s communication system server. The City released the following statement on its Facebook page.

The City of Loganville values the privacy of your information which is why, as a precautionary measure, we are letting customers know about a security incident that may involve your personal information.

Officials recently discovered that on or about March 15, 2018, a city server may have been breached by an outside person or entity. The data accessed may have included personal information such as Social Security numbers and/or banking information. It does not appear that this information was the target of the breach, only that it was accessible to the person or entity who caused the breach.

The City of Loganville has retained a company that specializes in computer forensics to further assess the breach. Those who may be affected by the breach are encouraged to keep an eye on their accounts and monitor your credit.

Again, the City of Loganville values your privacy and deeply regrets that this incident occurred. Officials are conducting a thorough review of the potentially affected records, as well as its cyber security protocols, and will notify those impacted if there are any significant developments.

Loganville spokesman Robbie Schwartz said that is all the information available at the moment.The City of Atlanta had its server attacked by Ransomware last week. CBS46  is reporting that the attack on Atlanta’s server included a ransom note that demanded 6 bitcoins for all computers (or $51,000 based on today’s valuation) in order to obtain keys to decrypt the systems.

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